A dress for the outdoors

As women who work and play in wilds but still live in cities, if not only when we must, we need clothes that can keep up with our adventures and dance between those two worlds. The Andraste dress from Kind Apparel does just that.

Dynamite and toboggans: Ski patrol at Snowbowl

Alicia Leggett has worked as a ski patroller for the past four years. When she moved from California to Missoula, she started working at Montana Snowbowl, where she stands on the deck of the ski patrol hut Jan. 29, 2017.

Estimated 10,000 gather for Women’s March in Helena

Early numbers estimate 10,000 marchers gathered for the Women’s March on Montana in Helena Saturday. The Montana march joined 600 other Women’s Marches all over America and the world one day after President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Babes off the beaten path

Days spent staring at my hiking shoes stepping, one two three; hanging from ropes above valleys, watching sunrises from the bare tops of mountains, holding my breath between a rivers crashing waves, grinning smiles full of powder, these are the moments that empower me as a person and as a woman. This is how I live my life most purely.