Who am I?

For the first few years of college, I could be found living out of the back of my Toyota Tacoma (which I still do to save money while reporting), getting paid to be a pack mule for backpacking trips in the most glorious peaks of the Rockies, navigating down white water rivers in a rubber boat sometimes by moonlight and generally getting up to mischief in Montana.

But now, I am a full time journalist taking the same grit and work ethic and willingness to get down in the muck, sometimes in heels, to my reporting style. In the last year, I have spent time in the White House interviewing Black young republicans, been teargassed and shot at in the streets of Denver, and reported about the effects of COVID-19 in prisons across America among many other rabbit holes I have disappeared into in the pursuit of truth.

Survived my first day reporting at the White House, Oct. 2019.

In 2020, I started my own criminal justice newsletter. The Des brings voices from the frontlines of the justice system to subscribers email inboxes every Sunday. It’s also a good excuse for me to stay buried in the criminal justice world, my favorite place.

If you want the boring details, read on or just reach out.

I finished a stint this fall as a reporter with an alt-weekly, the Colorado Springs Indy. This past year, I interned for POLITICO Magazine and freelanced for multiple national and local outlets, including Denver Westword and Kaiser Health News. I am currently for hire!

My reporting experience ranges from breaking news to in-depth features, criminal justice to underground music scenes, and outdoor adventure sports to government.  Visit my Portfolio to read what I have written. CONTACT ME WITH ANY QUESTIONS OR INQUIRES AND TAKE A LOOK AT MY RÉSUMÉ.

My passion is to understand and explore all people’s stories and realities and turn them into engaging narratives for readers. I believe our stories can build bridges, understanding, community and a better future for every person.