All Ears Jan. 27 – Feb. 2: Joshua Tree-inspired jams

First seen in: Montana Kaimin


Orgōne brings sunshine and unstoppable groovy beats to our dreary Montana winter. The antidote for gloomy skies and depression is here: you only need to show up with your dancing shoes.

The LA-based funk group comes to the Top Hat this Wednesday, returning after an explosive show last January in the Zoo. The band is touring in support of “Reasons,” its new and 10th studio album released Jan. 18. The record’s beats and basslines are constructed to support Adryon de León’s crooning and fiery vocals, demanding movement from crowds, bodies and souls. The group’s music is clearly inspired by the raw soul records of the ‘60s and ‘70s.

León’s lead vocals should pull you down to the Top Hat even if funky vibes aren’t your thing. The singer’s found her way into all things soul in LA, singing for numerous soul groups including backup vocals for Macy Gray. Weaving in and out of her commanding vocals, the decade-strong band’s tried-and-true funk promises to deliver. The guitar, bass and percussion mesh together in timeless melodies.

A standout song, “We Can Make It,” plays with the album’s conscious soul-healing grooves to match Leon’s iridescent croon. “It’s the give and the take,” León reminds us. “You got strength you can face it,” she sings, waltzing with a French horn. Bop yourself to salvation, she’s saying. Bop to it live.

Orgōne started in the ‘90s, but its current lineup began playing together in 2000. Since then, eight members have consistently hit the road for tours, though more members join the studio during recording sessions.

The songs on this new record demand listeners to call upon that feeling of liberation that hits after huge personal victories. This echoes in the group’s name, which means the “universal life force” or a “cosmic unit of energy.”

The album’s lyrical content came out of a week spent in Joshua Tree National Park jamming late into the desert night in a ranch house. A bleakly beautiful desert landscape inspired straightforward funk beats with a twist of summer heat under palm trees with vintage cadillacs rolling around.

The group calls its music “dirty, organic, California soul with heart.” Show up, Missoula, and prove to them that Montana has its own funky grooves running through our hearts.

Orgōne returns to the Top Hat Wednesday, Jan. 30, doors at 8:30 p.m.